Hongduan Technology Website,Professional development and production of precision machining, electric heater, sheet metal, etc. in the field of Vacuum Science and technology

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Hongduan Science and Technology Group is located in Yexie Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is a 

company integrating processing and R&D.Comprehensive enterprise. The company adopts advanced production

 technology, specializes in the development and production of precision machinery in the field of Vacuum Science 

and technology.Industrial and electrical heating sheet metal and other products.

Shanghai Hongduan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in January 2000. The company specializes in 

the production of instrument accessories and precision vacuum.Components, vacuum sheet metal parts, etc. The 

company has advanced production equipment and many years of processing experience, according to customer 

requirements.For vacuum coating related equipment production of precision matching products.

Shanghai Hongduan Electric and Thermal Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd. was founded in April 2004. The company 

adopts advanced production technology and specializes in producing real products.Armoured heating tubes, thermo

couples,  thermal  resistors and  heating-related structural  components in the air and semiconductor industries  List 


Shanghai Hongduan Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2017 by Shanghai Hongduan Electrical and 

Thermal Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. and Guangchi Technology Co., Ltd. (Part 1)Sea) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture. The 

company specializes in  developing  technology,  technical  consultation  and  technical  services in  the field  of  Vacuum 

Science and technology.Technology transfer, as well as vacuum coating equipment accessories production and processing.

Since its inception, the company has implemented the business of "people-oriented, customer first, quality first, continuous

 improvement, unity and innovation"Business  philosophy,  with  ISO-9002  international quality   certification   system as the 

guiding ideology, adhere to quality for survival, service forCredit is the aim of service. After years of unremitting efforts, our

 company now produces products have been domesticCustomers'unanimous praise. We will continue to create a first-class

 enterprise image and create a first-class enterprise image with honest and pragmatic work requirements.First-rate product 

quality, to provide new and old customers with better, updated and more comprehensive quality services.  


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